Essential Pre-Launch Steps For Launching A Mobile App

Once you’ve finished working on your app, it is time to prepare it for the pre-launch phase. As you enter the pre-launch stage, it’s time to put on your strategic thinking hat. This is where marketing and planning come into play. Think of it as the backstage preparation before a grand show – your mobile app’s launch!

Let’s break it down. “Pre-launch phase” means the time before your app officially goes live for everyone to download and enjoy. It’s like the calm before the excitement storm. And trust us, this phase is vital, as it lays the groundwork for the success of your mobile app.

At AppsTru, we ensure you enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive app launch strategy. From development to app testing and launch, we complete the groundwork for your app’s success by ensuring your digital presence is powerful, engaging, and profitable. Continue reading this blog post as we list the steps and suggestions to ensure a successful mobile app launch.

Get Your App’s Online Home Ready

Your mobile app launch needs a unique website. But not just a website version of your app – consider it a place that introduces it to everyone. This site should look nice and clarify what your app is about and what cool stuff it can do.

The site also needs a clear spot where people can type in their info, like email, so they know when your app is ready to use. All the ads and stories you put out about your app on social media and in the news should send folks to this website and the spot where they can sign up.

Here’s a checklist to follow when you make your website:

  1. Introduce the app logo and marketing slogan.
  2. Brief mobile app overview.
  3. Add links to your social media pages.
  4. A section on the homepage where people can sign up to know when the app is ready.
  5. Catchy description and information about your app’s USP and the problem it solves.
  6. Make sure the website is interactive.
  7. Add screenshots of your app.
  8. Contact us form

Post Launch Changes

After the mobile app launch, you need to make the following changes to the website:

  • Reviews from prominent media houses
  • App download page and buttons
  • Replace the action of getting notified when the app releases with a section that subscribes users to email updates.

Creating Buzz Before the Big Day

Preparing for your mobile app launch involves intelligent moves to ensure everyone’s excitement when your app arrives. Follow these clever steps to build anticipation:

1. Social Media Teasers: Share sneak peeks and hints about your app’s impressive features. Get people curious and talking.

2. Engaging Content: Write blog posts, make videos, or host webinars that show off your app. Share valuable tips related to your app’s purpose.

3. Influencer Magic: Team up with famous online personalities who can spread the word about your app.

4. Press Sneak Previews: Reach out to media outlets and offer them a glimpse of your app before the launch. This builds curiosity and media coverage.

6. Email Magic: Send teasers and updates to those who signed up on your app’s website. They’ll be the first in line to try it!

With these app launch strategies, you’ll have people eagerly waiting for your app to hit the digital stage!

Beta Testing

Before your mobile app makes its grand entrance, there are essential steps to take that can make all the difference. Beta testing is one of them; here are some steps you can follow:

Engage Beta Testers

While not a must, having a beta version of your app for a select group before the official mobile app launch is highly recommended. Beta testers play a crucial role by using the app thoroughly, spotting bugs and confusing parts, and providing general feedback. Use platforms like TestFlight for hosting this beta version, benefiting from fresh perspectives. This process helps identify aspects overlooked by developers immersed in the project. Moreover, gathering initial reviews and insights from your target audience is a golden opportunity to address vital fixes before the public release.

Create Buzz with Launch Emails

Sending an app-launch email to your email list can have a substantial impact. Offering early-bird incentives, like discounts or bonuses, can boost your downloads. Crafting an effective launch email involves personalizing the subject line, delivering a value proposition, incorporating a strong call-to-action (CTA), and showcasing your app through vivid images or videos.

Optimize App Store Visibility

App Store Optimization (ASO) is vital to ensuring your app gets discovered by users beyond direct searches. In pre-launch ASO, research your competition and target audience to choose effective keywords and designs. ASO components comprise an app name with relevant keywords, a persuasive description, hidden keywords used by the App Store, an attention-grabbing icon, screenshots highlighting essential features, and an optional video illustrating UI/UX. This strategic approach increases your app’s chances of being noticed and downloaded by a wider audience.

Set Up Analytics Tool

66% of customers today expect companies to understand their requirements.

Customers who download your app expect it to know what they want. This is only possible if you integrate analytic tools to ensure you have data on customer requirements and expectations.

Setting up tools for reporting and analyzing is an essential step of the pre-launch phase. You can either build a customized analytics tool for your app or choose independent third-party tools to track, analyze, and report data.

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